As far as budget and effectiveness of the ad campaign comes Digital Marketing is the Best Option, and for offline ad campaigns Easy day, and Lift Media are preferred.
Billboards and outdoor ads are done for the masses and to make people aware of the brand or product, But when it comes down to the targeted audience EasyDay ad campaigns works like charm as people get the time to see and understand your message or information.
EasyDay ads are applicable for those who are visiting to shop something from there while, Lift Media ads are present in Residential and corporate buildings where highly paid professionals and other people have to visit daily and they will see your ad campaign daily that too multiple times.
The lead time is the duration when your creatives are made, printed and mounted on the chosen media.
For all ads there are different modes of proof, which show that your campaign is live and running, it can be a photo or a video or a report for digital ads.
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